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Consultancy for the formulation of Water Security and Drought Management Plans for an estimated 5 Companies of the COMPASS Program

Details of the project

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    Plan to Improve Water Quality in the Middle Cesar River

    The objective of the consultancy is to develop proposals and solutions in water management for the improvement of the Subzone of Medio Cesar (SMC). It will be carried out through the formulation of a sanitation plan that incorporates the wastewater to resources (ARaR) approach.

    Proposed services

    Conducting a diagnosis of current and future water use from supply sources.

    Evaluating proposed alternatives to reduce water rationing due to climate change.

    Conducting a training workshop to introduce, apply, and operationalize HydroBID and HydroBID ALLOC tools:

    • Hydrological availability modeling
    • Water demand modeling
    • Simulation of water supply operations
    • Evaluation of the effects and performance of water infrastructure
    • Assessment of land use changes
    • Development of water balance (supply/demand)
    • Reservoir simulation
    • Water quality simulation
    • Sediment simulation
    • Groundwater recharge simulation, among others.

    Applying risk management methodology for water security.