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Plan to Improve Water Quality in the Middle Cesar Riverio Cesar

Detalles del proyecto

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    Plan to Improve Water Quality in the Middle Cesar River

    Formulating strategies to update the Water Quality Improvement Plan for the middle basin of the Cesar River or the mid-Cesar subzone (PMCAMC). In particular, the PMCAMC will include feasibility studies and detailed engineering for the wastewater treatment plant for the municipality of Valledupar, which will improve, complement, or replace the El Salguero STAR in such a way that wastewater receives proper treatment, the use of treatment residuals and byproducts is enhanced, and an improvement in the quality of wastewater is ensured before it is discharged into the Cesar River.

    This activity is linked to the National Municipal Wastewater Management Plan (PMAR) 2020-2050. The PMCAMC will incorporate the ARaR concept as the basis for sustainable water resource management and will propose specific actions associated with a circular economy approach aimed at harnessing the resources associated with a new STAR.

    Proposed services

    • Assessment of existing information

    • Evaluation of climate impact on the water resource

    • Formulation of alternatives with an ARaR approach

    • Assessment of the impact of interventions

    • Evaluation of the water governance structure in the basin

    • Preparation of the PMCAMC

    • Detailed design of the Valledupar Municipality STAR